​ The Dinner Shoppe
              ...Bringing Busy Lives Home for Dinner

Our meals are completely diced, chopped,
trimmed, and customizable for your family!  
No contract or subscription!
Order for pick up at our store in Decatur
or delivery to metro Atlanta.

Need dinner tonight?  Stop by!  We have casseroles!
We are at the corner of Clairmont and North Decatur,
Emory Walk, 1248 Clairmont Road, Decatur 30030
Holiday Sides!
We can help make your Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday dinners so much easier!
Order our prepped sides and
homemade pumpkin pie and enjoy!!
We make dinner easy with COMPLETELY prepped, ready-to-cook meals!

Here is why The Dinner Shoppe is 
the BEST way
to get dinner on your table!

No contract or subscription... just what you need!

Compare our prices... lots more value for lots less money!

​Casseroles available anytime...just drop by!

No chopping or dicing....we've done it all!

Cook in about 30 minutes...no need for take out!

New menu each month...16-18 choices!

Dinners to serve 1, 2-3, 4-6, 6-8...you choose the size!

Our dinners include sides...no extra cost!

Use when you want...defrost...minimal cooking/clean up!​

Easy as 1, 2, 3 with our freezer ready, completely diced/chopped/trimmed meals!​​

Customize for your family... we're happy to do it!​​

​Family friendly meals... spices on the side!

Gluten-free, low salt, vegetarian, Springer Mountain chicken,

whole wheat pasta, brown rice, half vegetarian/half meat, 
special requests...options for you!

Pick up from our store...
or we deliver to metro Atlanta!

Need dinner tonight?  We have casseroles available anytime!!

Locally owned...we are here when you need us!

Pick Up At Our Store!
Delivery To Your Home!
Gift Certificates!
Place your order online for delivery to your home or office.  You can typically choose any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  Delivery fees are typically $10-$20 determined by your zip code.
A great gift idea for new parents, new homeowners, birthdays, anniversaries, for family, teachers, or friends...   just anyone!  We can email or mail your gift certificate to you or the recipient... after all,
you can't eat flowers!
Place your order online to pick up at our store...or call or email!  
Need dinner tonight?
We have casseroles available to pick up anytime!!
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Carol Rice, Owner
The Dinner Shoppe
1248 Clairmont Road, Suite 2D
Decatur 30030
Monday  9-5
Tuesday 9-6:30
Wednesday 9-6
Thursday 9-6:30
Friday 9-5
​Saturday 10-1
[email protected]