​ The Dinner Shoppe
              ...Bringing Busy Lives Home for Dinner

Our meals are completely diced, chopped,
trimmed, and customizable for your family!  
No contract or subscription!
Order for pick up at our store in Decatur
or delivery to metro Atlanta.

Need dinner tonight?  Stop by!  We have casseroles!
We are at the corner of Clairmont and North Decatur,
Emory Walk, 1248 Clairmont Road, Decatur 30030
I absolutely love helping get dinner on your table!  One of the many things that was engrained in me by my mom was that dinner time is family time and not to be messed with!  It's about coming together after a long day and talking about everything and anything and being family.  We all go through so many different stages of life...whether we are single, or young couples, or young families, or empty nesters, or retirees... but we still look forward to the social part of dinner time!  It's just getting it on the table that is always the problem!!​​
In 2012,  I decided to try to make a go of this concept of completely prepped dinners.  Thanks to all of you, I'm still making a go of it!  I was born at Piedmont Hospital and raised right here on Clairmont Road... native Atlantan!!  My husband, David, has been my boyfriend since I was 15 years old at Briarcliff High School...and still is after almost 38 years of marriage... I wouldn't trade him!  After graduating from the University of Tennessee, I ran Gap stores (back when we only sold Levi's...there was no GAP brand yet!!) and then went into management with Allstate.  When we began our family, I stayed home and kept my friends' kids while they went to work... I had all the fun!  As our kids became involved in school, so did we and we had a great time working with PTA and baseball.  At the time, I also got my real estate license and enjoyed it immensely...until the market crashed.  Our kids were in college and I began working for a franchised dinner prep store and learning the business, never dreaming where I was headed!  After 6 years, I was able to acquire the business and go off on my own.... and here I am today!  
This "job" combines all the things I love... from running the business, testing new recipes, all the ins and outs of the food service business, and most importantly getting to know you!!  Thanks to my family for all their support through these last years... I couldn't have done it without them!  Our older son gave it the fancy "Shoppe" in the name and lots of other ideas, his fiancee (now wife and mom of their two sons) would work when she could to help until they married and moved to Florida, our younger son worked for me after graduating from college (is now a teacher and coach at Lovett) and is always willing to help when I need him, and I think my most favorite thing was our once a month taste testings where our parents would come over and taste test 14 or 15 different meals...
we had so much fun!  We still have our moms to help give opinions but I'll never forget how
much my dad loved those nights... the fun together.... and all that meat!!! 
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do what I love!!